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General Information For Direct Hiring Service
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General Information For Direct Hiring Service

In order to provide multiple channels for employers to hire foreigners and reduce the burden of foreigners working in Taiwan, the Ministry of Labor established "Direct Hiring Service Center" (hereinafter referred to as DHSC) on December 31, 2007. With a one-stop window concept to simplify the service process and assist employers to hire foreigners on their own, DHSC have served more than 160,000 employers since their establishment and have been well received and trusted.

At present, the direct employment plan has promoted a new phased of hiring. In 2008, DHSC give priority to employers who recruit the same family caregivers. In 2009, other categories (manufacturing job, ocean fishing work, construction, institutional caregiver and domestic helper) had opened. DHSC cooperate with the source country to promote the "Special Hiring Program to Taiwan (SHPT)" from 2015. The source country will provide 2 to 3 times the number of the worker based on the individual needs of manufacturing employers, and assist in overseas worker selection and document process to Taiwan to facilitate employers to deploy suitable worker in a required period. In November of 2016, in response to the amendment to Article 52 of the Employment Service Act, workers were exempted to go back to its country upon expiry of a three-year work period, and expanded the business of accepting renewal, non-renewal transfer and transterring employer upon expiration of the employment application. In 2018, DHSC promotes online application service. Employers may apply online for recruitment, introduction, and employment permits. In 2020, employers were opened to consecutively hiring worker in Taiwan through DHSC making direct employment applications more diversely.

To help employers hiring workers more smoothly, DHSC will assist employers in applying document. If the employer is busy to handle the case in person, they can mail the application to DHSC or apply online. Besides, DHSC can provide different language for various countries for hiring foreign worker in Taiwan and will proactively remind employers to do things after employment by phone and text messages to improve service accessibility.

In addition, in order to assist employers to manage foreigners' services on their own, DHSC also launched the “Migrant Worker Assistant APP”, which provides services such as application status, scheduled spreadsheet of employment management, labor law inquiry and latest employment information. In addition, (DHSC Official Website ) also provides various information such as medical exam, Alien Residence Certificate, and Employment Contract to facilitate employers to manage worker by themselves.