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臺灣全民防疫, 勞動部 連外國人都一起照顧到了!








以上兩大 #外國人防疫 因應措施









【Employers and migrant workers walk through the impact of the epidemic】

Taiwan's national epidemic prevention, Even the migrant workers are taken care of under Ministry of labor.

Under the epidemic situation foreign countries has not slowed down, we have implemented two major measures.

1. Strengthen retention and relocation in Taiwan

Encourage renewal of employment at the end of the the contract.

domestic undertakingrelocation period,, and non-return to the country, open employers to apply for short-term employment of 3 months or 6 months, to solve the urgency of employers' employment needs.


2. Implementation of the home quarantine plan for future reference

March 27, 2020, industrial employers introduced new migrant workers. After local labor administration units and health units conducted on-the-spot inspections, they implemented the quarantine plan for immigrant migrant workers in accordance with the Special Regulations on the Prevention and Treatment of Severe Special Infectious Pneumonia and Relief and Rehabilitation. Painting, send the qualified roster to the Ministry of Labor for approval of the newly-introduced quarantine plan for newly-deploy migrant workers, taking into account domestic epidemic prevention and employers’ needs.


The above two important measurement :

As of the end of June this year, the number of

Renewal at the end of the term, conversion at the end of the term and continuing employment: 82,324 people.

Flexible extension of the term of employment for 3 months: 1,685 people

Short-term employment of flights in response to the impact of the epidemic: 726 people.

Industry-based labor migration to implement home quarantine plan: 4,247 people