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馬尼拉經濟文化辦事處勞工中心通知,即日起受理申請海外就業證明(OEC, Overseas Employment Certificate)在臺辦理,提醒各位雇主所聘僱的菲律賓籍勞工休假返國,返臺工作前必須申請OEC。如有網站使用或申辦流程問題, 請電洽馬尼拉經濟文化辦事處勞工中心,台北辦公室02-2658-9210、台中辦公室04-2322-8835、高雄辦公室 07-398-2475。

Subject : Important Reminder When Applying for an OEC ( Overseas Employment Certificate ) 

Based on the announcement of MECO Labor Taiwan, a foreign worker going home for a vacation and returning back to work should apply for an OEC ( Overseas Employment Certificate ) at MECO Labor Office in Taiwan. This is a reminder for both employer and foreign workers. 

For further clarification or questions in securing an OEC, you may contact MECO Labor Taipei at 02-2658-9210 ,Taichung Office at 04-2322-8835 and Kaohsiung Office at 07-398-2475。