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General Information For Direct Hiring Service
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General Information For Direct Hiring Service

In order to provide employers with multiple employment methods for hiring foreign workers and alleviate the burden of foreign workers coming to Taiwan, the Ministry of Labor established the "Direct Hiring Service Center" on December 31, 2007 to simplify the process of direct hiring of foreign workers using a single window of DHSC to hire foreign workers. Since December of 2017, DHSC has served more than 150,000 employers and received high satisfaction from employers.

The Ministry of Labor promoted the direct employment scheme in a phased manner. In 2008, the employer who directly rehire the same caretaker as the priority. In 2009, the other categories of industry were opened and set up. The Direct Hire of Multinational Selection Management Service Network System (hereinafter referred to as the Selection System) on January 1st, 2012 has been combined with the National Human Resources databases through the Internet to provide employers direct online selection mechanism. Since 2015, DHSC has been cooperate with countries of origin to promote “Manpower Request" service. The country of origin provides 2 to 3 times of workers list according to the individual needs of the manufacturing employers in assisting with the process of selection of workers who are qualified to work in Taiwan. DHSC assist the employers in processing document to ensure qualified worker for specific period of deployment

In order to assist employers, DHSC provides diverse services such as language consulting, process applications on behalf of agencies, provide direct hiring information through our website and send reminders via SMS or calling employers to advise them regarding worker’s passport, ARC and medical check expiration.

In case the employer is unable to submit their application in person, they can submit their application via registered mail to DHSC, DHSC will process their application for them.

In addition, in order to assist employers in managing workers under their employment, DHSC launched “the foreign worker mobile APP" which provides information such as trial labor hiring duration, inquiries on application status, information on labor laws and regulations. The APP has a management information platform for foreign workers in Taiwan. It provides health check, ARC, passport renewal and change of working place to facilitate the management of foreign workers by employers.

Welcome to Direct Hiring Service Center. If there are any inquiries and concern, please call our service hotline: 02-6613-0811